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Entry #2

Hey Mom, What the hell is for dinner? Oh, I love Costco too.

2010-07-08 21:04:59 by nygiantsroxursox

Give me some god damn food mom I'm about to starve to death..... JK I love my mom and I made myself a hamburger!!!! I got a huge smoothie for like a dollar at costco WOW THATS A LOW PRICE!!!!


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2010-07-12 14:19:23

hi i

nygiantsroxursox responds:



2010-07-16 11:20:30

Let's GOOOOO Kevin Kolb and the Philladelphia Eagles!!!!! Fly Eagles fly. On the road to victory! Fly Eagles fly. Score a touchdown 1.2.3.


2010-11-06 13:31:38

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